George Kontos Beats Doug Fister in WS Connect 4 Rematch

Sometimes when you write about sports you end up creating some pretty bizarre titles to articles. This is one of them and, frankly, I don't really have the faintest clue how Mike Oz of Big League Stew managed to get George Kontos and Doug Fister together for a Connect 4 game, but he did.

OK, I have a clue: the two were in town at the same time for a Fresno Grizzlies Hot Stove Banquet. Oz "waved a trophy in both pitchers' face" and dared them to relive the drama of the 2012 World Series. (Fister pitched for the Tigers, Kontos obviously for the Giants.)

Somehow they agreed and the result was a dramatic -- and thankfully filmed! -- game of Connect 4. (Note: if you don't know what Connect 4 is, we're not Internet friends anymore. Go learn about it now. What is wrong with you kids these days?)

And not to go all spoiler on you, but let's just say that four is the Giants lucky number against Detroit. Boom, swept, roasted.

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