Get Your Garlic Fries with a Side of Smug

When you get your basket of signature San Francisco ballpark fare, garlic fries, you can rest smugly assured that the guy with the tray of ballpark sushi isn't nearly as environmentally friendly as you are.

Upgrades to the Gilroy Garlic Fries stand has reduced energy consumption significantly. But the Giants' claims of self-sustainability might be a bit of a reach.

After all, to be truly sustainable, the stand needs to generate as much energy and material as it uses.

And while gas consumption on the deep fat fryers has been cut by 32-percent, non-renewable fossil fuels like natural gas are by their nature unsustainable.

I applaud the moves towards more efficiency, and I'll be the first to stand in line for an inning and a half for some of those tangy, breath-mangling fries.

But the claim of sustainability rings about as true as certain other claims made about a certain former player's all-natural conditioning regimen.

The paint may be bio-degradable, but washing a fried potato joint in green does not a self-sustaining ecology make. Photo by Flickr user Kellybeanz.

Jackson West wasn't surprised to hear the team partnered with notorious environmental offenders PG&E and Coca-Cola on this one.

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