Giambi Jumps In Barry Bonds Trial Shenanigans

Fasten your belts securely, A's fans, because your hot new free agent acquisition just became a hot new witness for the prosecution in a federal perjury trial.

The New York Times is reporting in Friday's edition that prosecutors in the on-again Barry Bonds legal proceedings plan to call Jason Giambi and Jeremy Giambi to the witness stand, presumably to testify that Bonds' trainer Greg Anderson provided them with performance-enhancing drugs and maintained their doping calendars.

Doping calendars? I need one of those!

Greg Anderson, the personal trainer whose poor mother-in-law is getting hassled by the IRS to compel him to testify, still refuses to utter a peep about why the letters abbreviating certain drug compounds happen appear next to the initials of famous athletes in his training logs. 

Bonds' specific perjury charge relates to his claiming under oath that he didn't know why his initials would appear next to the initials for banned compounds.

As for Giambi, his return to the A's now looks like a substantially less feel-good story.

He's returning to his original team for $4 million dollars this year and an option for next year.

That's a slight downgrade from the $21 million he was paid by the Yankees last season.

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