Giambi Weighs in on Tejada Steroid Admission

Bad timing for Jason Giambi's scheduled chat with reporters at Wednesday's Comcast SportsNet Bay Area luncheon -- just hours after former teammate Miguel Tejada pled guilty to lying to federal investigators in 2005 and purchasing six grand worth of HGH from an Oakland A teammate.

This guaranteed Giambi would face another nonstop barrage of steroid questions. But unlike some of his fellow caught-red-handed players, Giambi clenched his teeth, faced the music, and answered every uncomfortable question.  

Giambi has played with or been involved with all the big 'roiders.  He was a Yankee alongside A-Rod for three years.  He was an Oakland Athletic with Tejada.  And, he be among the witnesses to testify about steroid use in the upcoming Barry Bonds perjury trial.

He was one of the first to publicly acknowledge using steroids while still an active player, apologizing profusely but never acknowledging what he was apologizing for. Maybe he was just apologizing because the guys found some George Michael cassettes in his trunk. Maybe he hit Rihanna. He never actually admitted what he was apologizing for.

Wednesday, he commended Tejada for finally coming clean. "It's unfortunate for Miggy. He was like a little brother when I played here," Giambi said. "I think you go forward. You have that behind you."

Giambi was also asked about the Alex Rodriguez steroid admission, and offered essentially a conspicuously similar response. "Al did the right thing,' according to Giambi, "I think it was enough pressure playing in New York without having to look over your shoulder all the time."

Listen — if A-Rod is screwing Madonna, he'd better be looking over his shoulder all the time.

Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who is like a little brother to Jason Giambi.

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