Giants Announcers Not Homers: WSJ

The Wall Street Journal did a study to find out what baseball announcers are the biggest homers. In good news, the Giants announcing crew ranks "low."

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Back in May, we pointed out that FanGraphs named Jon Miller and Dave Flemming the best announcers in baseball. Now it's time for Mike Krukow and Duane Kiper to be honored (sort of).

The Wall Street Journal put together a study of which announcers are the biggest homers in all of baseball and the Giants duo scored quite well.

The study was based on the WSJ watching a single nine-inning game for each team and trying to figure out what announcers are the most homeristic. (It was also based on a huge homer rant from White Sox announcer Hawk Harrellson.)

The Journal marked down when "anyone with a microphone who used a pronoun like 'we,' 'us' or 'our' to describe the home team" and those announcer were "given a citation." Additionally, any time someone used a cute nickname for a player on the home team, the Journal marked them for a point.

Harrellson "won" the contest, scoring 140 point, which is kind of like when someone eats a whole wheel of cheese. You can't even be mad, you just have to be impressed.

Krukow and Kiper, on the other hand, scored a one. And they probably deserved a zero, since their only quote with a "we" in it was:

"That was fun! We should do that again!"

Perhaps it was referencing a win by the Giants, but whatever. Kruk and Kipe, in my mind, finished in the same range as the folks who scored zero, like Buck Martinez/Pat Tabler (Blue Jays), Michael Kay/Ken Singleton/Paul O'Neill (Yankees), Don Orsillo/Jerry Remy (Red Sox), Gary Cohen/Ron Darling/Keith Hernandez (Mets) and the legendary Vin Scully of the Dodgers.

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