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Giants CEO Larry Baer to Giants Fans: “Be Loud, be Throaty, Give the Team the 26th Man”

San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer is “feeling good" about his team.

Baer talked to NBC Bay Area right before the Giants took on the Kansas City Royals at AT&T Park in San Francisco in Game 3 of the World Series Friday. The two teams are tied 1-1.

“We have a lot of travel and all that — hopefully we all got some sleep, we have a sleep consultant and he advises us on that — so let’s see what happens. We're pretty battle-tested in the post-season,” he said smiling. “Kansas City is a hot team and they are in the zone. I think it’s going to be a great series.”

As for the Giants formula for success, Baer said: “We have 14 guys that have World Series rings — that have won a ring somewhere — either with us or somewhere else … When you have that, when you have guys that are battle-tested that matters."

Baer’s message to fans: “Be loud, be throaty, give the team that 26th man,” He added that a big part of the Giants formula for success this year was their fans.

Baer also addressed the backlash against Fox announcers by some Giants fans.

“It’s a long season so they’re with you 4 or 5-6-7 months, and so when a new guy comes in talking about your team it’s almost like ‘what’s this outsider doing,’” he said. “I think Joe Buck, Harold Reynold and Tom Verducci do a fine job, it’s just that they’re not Kruk and Kuip or John and Dave. And when they are not the people that are your friends, that’s a problem.”

As for what it feels to be in a World Series game after winning two of the last four, Baer described it as a “dream sequence for many of us.”

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