Get a Giants Championship Banner This Weekend

Via @SFGiants

Baseball teams have wised up over the years and created fun promotions to draw fans to the ballpark. When baseball teams win championships -- like the Giants did this year -- those promotions are even easier to pull off.

That's mainly because there's a whole lot of stuff to celebrate, you know? (And yes, it helps even more if you happen to have the reigning National League Rookie of the Year on the team, as the Giants do in Buster Posey.)

And one of the upcoming promotions that should get fans pretty stoked is this weekend. Saturday is "World Champions Banner" promotion that the Giants are running. The first 20,000 fans into the stadium for the 1:10 PM PST game will receive ... THIS:

As far as baseball swag goes, this is pretty superb. Actually, as far as sports swag goes, this is outstanding. If you're a Giants fan, you get a legitimately qualified piece of memorabilia that helps you remember the amazing season that was 2010.

It works for all ages too -- kids can wave it around, adults can get it framed and pass along to their kids, and college-aged folk can tack it up in their dorm room and/or use it to clean up any, um, spills.

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