Giants Come Back in Bottom of the 18th

While their big league brothers lost in nine quick innings in Denver, the San Jose Giants played a game for the ages overnight.  It lasted into the morning hours, was played in the rain, and in the end the minor league team walked away with what is being described as an instant classic and a win.

  • The team beat the Stockton Ports in 18 innings
  • The final score was 10-9.
  • The Giants came from behind three times.
  • They went into the bottom of the 18th down 3 runs, but somehow scored four to win.
  • The game ended at an early 12:49 a.m.

The crowd of clearly loyal fans who stuck it out to the bitter end were rewarded not only with a come-from-behind and a walk off win, they also got In-N-Out coupons for a free double-double. They also got their own victory ball to take home tossed by the players themselves at the end of the evening, or morning however you put it.

The San Jose Giants said they did not do an exact count, but think the number who made it to 12:49 a.m. was fewer than 50. Congrats to those who stuck it out and congrats to the San Jose Giants. 

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