Giants Facebook Account Among the Hacked

On Wednesday, various MLB teams began posting some surprising messages on Facebook. Turns out that someone managed to hack into these accounts, one of which was the Giants.

The fun -- and it was, for the most part, pretty hysterical -- started when the Yankees posted a surprising message about the Captain, Derek Jeter. (All of these messages have been deleted, of course. Thankfully, Deadspin captured screenshots of them.)

"We regret to inform our fans that Derek Jeter will miss the rest of the season with sexual reassignment surgery," the hacker wrote on the Yankees Facebook page. "He promises to come back stronger than ever in 2013 as Minnie Mantelz."

The humor isn't necessarily in Jeter's new name, or even that it's Jeter who's being pranked on Facebook. It's really more about the shock value when someone logs onto Facebook and freaks out at the idea of Jeter being out for the year briefly, before getting confused and then maybe getting the joke.

The Giants hack was a little more straightforward (with some censoring Photoshop work by yours truly, natch):

The status of the president of Chick-Fil-A is debatable, but the Giants wouldn't make that case from the team-operated Facebook account. They're easily one of the most social-media savvy franchises in all of sports, so you know they're not going to go there.

And yet, it only took "a few seconds" for the status to get eight likes. That's the real humor here.

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