Report: Giants Out on Reyes, Rollins

Jose Reyes and Jimmy Rollins are two of the names at the top of every Giant fan's free-agency wishlist. (Actually, they might be at the top of any fan's wishlist.)

The problem is that acquiring either guy to play shortstop involves a significant investment; both guys want big bucks, both guys will need at least a five-year contract, and both guys have some serious downside (Reyes with injury, Rollins with age).

But it might not matter much, as it appears the Giants are already out of the running for both shortstops.

This is according to Danny Knobler of, who writes that "the word in baseball is" the Giants are out on both guys because of money issues.

"The Giants' budget is tighter than the Tigers', and their ownership is believed to be less likely to bust that budget," Knobler writes. "After committing money to keep the pitching staff together for another year, it's believed that the Giants have just about $10 million to spend for 2012, and that they intend to spend the bulk of it on a center fielder (very possibly Coco Crisp)."

This shouldn't be too shocking considering everyone involved in the Giants front office -- most specifically Larry Baer and Brian Sabean -- has indicated that re-signing pitchers Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain are the top priorities for the offseason.

Then there's the gigantic, heinous, two-headed albatross that is the contracts of Barry Zito and Aaron Rowand; the team heavily overpaid for the two in free agency and is still dealing with the repercussions, by not being able to spend now.

Whether that ends up being a tremendous hindrance to the offense in 2012, like it was in 2011, remains to be seen. But if Reyes and Rollins end up producing big numbers somewhere while the Giants continue to struggle offensively, don't be surprised when fans begin pointing angrily back at this offseason.

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