Giants Get Eric Young In Insane Pickle

Getty Images

In baseball, when a runner's caught between bases it's called a pickle. Well, what happened on Saturday night with the Giants and Rockies is the biggest Dill they make.

Eric Young singled, stole second base and was about to take third when Madison Bumgarner wheeled off the mound and got him involved in a run down. That run down didn't end after one or two throws, though. Instead it ended up involving just about every player on the field, with Bumgarner not only starting the pickle, but ending it as well.

Big League Stew's Mark Townsend scores it as a 1-5-6-5-4-3-1, which means that we got five players involved in the put-out on Young.

Thankfully, the Giants ended up getting Young out and sweeping the Rockies. Otherwise this is the sort of thing that can be set to clown music and used to mock a team in a freefall.

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