Giants Limp Home After Loss

Good Zito or Bad Zito? 

Which one would show up Thursday night in St. Louis as the Giants wrapped up their 10 game road trip.  The Giants got the answer in the first inning, when the kooky southpaw gave up three runs to the Cardinals.  The team never recovered.

Zito would end up allowing five runs in a little more than four innings, en route to a 5-2 loss.  What hurts the most is, that after winning the first two games of the series against St. Louis, the Giants lost the final two games.  Wednesday's loss was a heart breaker in extra innings.  Thursday's was another game featuring a shaky Zito, and an almost non-existent offense.  The Giants finished their 10 game road trip with a 5-5 record.  Playing .500 on the road is perfectly acceptable, even though it ended on a down note.

The Giants will look to get back to their winning ways Friday night, when they host the Houston Astros at 7pm on NBC Bay Area.

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