Giants Managers Score Double-Ejection in Dodger Win

Wednesday's dramatic, awesome, series-saving 4-2 win over the Dodgers was a real "double your pleasure, double your fun" kind of affair. With "pleasure" and "fun" being defined as "seeing the Giants' manager lose his bananas screaming at the umpire and then getting tossed out of the game."

The Giants scored the double-fecta of coach ejections, with Bruce Bochy first getting thrown out in the second inning for arguing a call at first base. has the video, which proves rather clearly that the first base umpire's call was actually quite correct. Bengie Molina tried to throw out Manny Ramirez, who was halfway to Momo's instead of standing at first base. Travis Ishikawa just plain neglected to make what should have been a very easy tag out. 

That video is Exhibit A proving that Ryan Garko should be playing first base, Your Honor.

It was Bochy's second ejection in, well, about forty-two hours. Bochy was also tossed out of Monday night's loss to the Dodgers for jawing at the umps over a double play call. It's kind of surprising to see the mild-mannered and monotonous Bochy throw two separate tantrums in one three-game series, because normally Bochy is about as lively as a finance subcommittee hearing on C-Span.

Bochy's replacement for the remainder of the game, bench coach Ron Wotus, would not let himself be outdone. When Juan Uribe made a stellar running throw to first base to nail Rafael Furcal, the same first base umpire blew it and called Furcal safe. Wotus charged the field, raging like Glenn Beck at a town hall meeting, and quickly found himself the second Giants manager to be ejected from the game. The video of the incident will give lip-readers plenty to giggle about.

Wotus' outburst was quite justified. Not only was the call incorrect, Furcal then managed to score the tying run when he should never have even been safe at first. The missed call literally robbed Tim "The Freak" Lincecum of a win.

But it did give San Francisco fans a chance to see their second freak out of the afternoon.

Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who would like to see some dirt-kicking and hat-throwing out there next time, Bruce Bochy. 

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