Giants Sell Out Season Tickets

The really awesome parade isn't the only benefit of winning a World Series title -- there's also the recognition that comes to an organization and a fanbase. (Like being told by Forbes that you're really valuable!)

Such is the case with the Giants, who were recognized as having the fourth-most loyal fans in baseball by the Brand Keys Sports Loyalty Engagement Index, leapfrogging both the Dodgers and the Angels.

The Brand Keys, who've done this ranking for about 19 years, breaks down the loyalty rankings in four categories: Pure Entertainment, Authenticity, Fan Bonding, and History/Tradition.

These insights allow league and team marketers to identify areas that need strategic brand coaching,” said Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys founder and president, per

The first key is basically, "How does a team play?" In the Giants' case, the answer is "pretty darn good."

But a simple survey isn't the only proof that the Giants have a tremendous following. How about ticket sales instead?

Because those are doing pretty well; the entire supply of season tickets -- all 27,700 of them -- have been sold out and San Fran's established a waiting list.

"It has been even beyond our expectations," Giants president Larry Baer said Thursday. "We're going to be in a situation where we're going to have the ballpark full a lot. We are completely grateful and overwhelmed by the response of the fans."

Given the current state of the economy, it's pretty tremendous news, especially compared to last season, when the Giants had only moved about 21,000 season tickets. According to Baer, the team's also sold 2.6 million total tickets, a 50 percent bump over last year.

The lesson, as always: it's good to win a World Series.

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