Giants Still A Player in Manny Sweepstakes

It's always fun to see the Los Angeles Dodgers left at the altar in their free agent pursuits.

Yesterday, Manny Ramirez blew off the Dodgers 1-year, $25 million offer, telling them he wants two years, then promptly retreating back to his private training facility to practice dropping routine flies.

But if the Dodger-dodging free agent in question ends up with the San Francisco Giants, then this off-season becomes a lot more compelling. And the Giants are still interested -- on the record.

Skeptics can say that Manny (actually his agent, the delightfully unethical Scott Boras) has been simply using the Giants for leverage.  He maintains the appearance there is more serious competiton for Ramirez' services than what actually exists.

Probably true.

But somewhere in that leveraging process, such animosity has accrued between Manny and the Dodgers that he might simply take the same exact same offer from another team simply to spite the Dodgers.

The Chronicle's Bruce Jenkins has sources in the Giants clubhouse saying the Giants are ready to make him that coveted 2-year offer

Meanwhile, the big-spending Mets and Yankees both say they're finished with free agent acquisitions.

The Washington Nationals were in the Manny Sweepstakes for a moment, but claim no longer to be.

One thing is for sure: he isn't going back to the Red Sox.

The number of teams willing to pay "Manny Money" is without question dwindling, and the Giants may be very well positioned to swoop in on him.

A week ago, Manny playing for the Giants was a pipe dream, but now it seems a very solid prospect.

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