Giants to Screen Fans at AT&T Park With Metal Detectors in 2014

Major League Baseball has required all teams to use metal detectors by the 2015 season.

All fans entering AT&T Park during the 2014 season will have to pass through metal detectors, the San Francisco Giants announced Friday.

The increased fan screening results from Major League Baseball's requirement that all teams use metal detectors by the start of the 2015 season.

“We believe that the addition of metal detectors will further ensure a safe atmosphere for all our fans who attend a Giants game,” said Jorge Costa, Giants senior vice president of ballpark operations. “They will also allow us to speed up the pace of entry by reducing the need for hand-held wanding and should create a more efficient and safer screening process.”

Here are the new safety procedures announced by the Giants:

• If bringing in a bag, security will inspect bags as fans are in line approaching the gates.
Bag policies have not changed and bags not larger than 16”x16”x8” will continue to be allowed in the park. Bags will not go through the metal detector.

• Fans will be asked to remove all metal objects, including keys, coins and cell phones, from
their pockets before walking through a metal detector.

• Fans will walk through a metal detector at the gates while their tickets are being scanned.
Those who do not wish to walk through a metal detector have the option of being manually checked with a hand-held wand.

The Giants will remove the turnstiles at the gate to speed up the entry process, according to the team.

The metal detectors will be tested at Scottsdale Stadium throughout spring training.

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