Giants Win! Relive the World Series on DVD

Improbable. Unlikely. Invigorating. Overdue. And that's only describing the DVD recap of the SF Giants' dramatic rise to World Champions only a month or so ago.

On December 7th baseball fans and seasonal gifters -- and people who have been abroad and had no idea the Giants won the World Series -- can score the official "2010 World Series Film: Texas Rangers vs. San Francisco Giants" Blu-ray + DVD Combo Pack and single disc DVD.

Narrated by Rob Schneider (just saying), the movie is an in-depth look at the Fall Classic. The double-disker runs $29.93 and the single is $19.93. Running time is 80 minutes of Giants-tastic filmtasticness.

A clip to remember: the Giants are only the second team to clinch all their playoff series on the road.

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