CSN Bay Area Searching for ‘World Championship Baby'

Our brothers (and sisters) from another mother over at CSN Bay Area are on fire right now thanks to a promotion that's gone absolutely bonkers in terms of virility.

Literally, in fact -- CSN Bay Area's searching for the ultimate "World Championship Baby."

For those unaware, it's pretty simple math, really. See, the Giants won the World Series on November 1, 2010.

Therefore, a "championship baby" (conceived the night that the Giants won their first title since moving to San Francisco) would be born on 7:54 PM PST, August 1, 2011.

And so, the baby born closest to that date will be crowned "Comcast Sportsnet 2010 Giants World Championship Baby", receive a $2,010 gift card, get a signed birth certificate from the Giants and receive a commemorative brick at AT&T Park.

The contest from our sister site has drawn some SERIOUS attention thus far, with a number of entries already in (see below) and puh-lenty of commentary from fans and would-be mothers.

There's a substantial amount of interest in the contest but not all of it's positive, mainly because people seem upset that either a) the timing is off or b) the network shouldn't be promoting birth.

I don't really get the second one -- and it's certainly not a sexist thing, right? -- but the first one is actually spot on.

See, August 1 is exactly 39 weeks from the time of the championship, which isn't "technically" nine months. But there's no really definite marker for the timing of the pregnancy (you could argue that women are only pregnant for 38 weeks because of gestation periods) so it makes much more sense to set up contest like this.

At any rate, the good news is that CSN Bay Area's going to require visual evidence (but not from the actual conception thank goodness). And we've scored some of the early entries, which are posted below.

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