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Mariners' Twitter Hilariously Pokes Fun at Oracle Park ‘Home Field'

The Mariners poked fun at their strange situation Wednesday originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

The Giants have the best ballpark in baseball, but 20 years in, perhaps it is time for some renovations. The Seattle Mariners made some suggestions Wednesday afternoon in a funny tweet meant to make the best of a tough situation.

Because the two-game series was moved from Seattle to San Francisco, the Mariners will be the "home" team at Oracle Park the next couple of days. Their official Twitter account suggested some changes:

All in all, not the worst ideas they could have come up with. The Space Needle is thin enough that it wouldn't ruin the view much, and the changes to left field would protect Dave Flemming's car if Mat Latos ever makes a comeback. They left Triples Alley in place, too, which was nice of them. 

This is the first time in seven years that the Giants will play a "road game" at Oracle Park, and it was necessary because of poor air quality in Seattle. The teams worked together, and with MLB, to find a solution.

"I think it's the best-case scenario that we could have worked out there," shortstop Brandon Crawford said Wednesday. "I think I saw it was a little bit better in Seattle today but it's still pretty bad. I think this is the best-case scenario for both teams. Obviously the Mariners don't get their home field, but like I said, I think it's the best way it could have worked out."

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