Giants' Alex Dickerson Details His Never-give-up Journey Amid Fluky Injuries

In just his second game with the Giants, Alex Dickerson made history.

Following a night of six runs during his debut with the team, he drove in three more runs and a pair of doubles. This set the Giant's record for most RBI in a player's first two games with the franchise. And he received texts from people as if he just made his major league debut. And in a way, it was. A rebirth if you will.

The 29-year-old spent his career riddled with injuries -- "fluke" injuries as he told Larry Krueger and NBC Sports Bay Area's own Bill Laskey on KNBR recently.

Tommy John surgery, hip and back issues, a cyst on his heel -- you name it, he's had it. 

He told a story of the time he stepped on a sprinkler head. He received treatment and while he didn't sprain his ankle, x-rays discovered there was no bone in his heel. Yep -- it was hollow.

Despite the setback, it saved his career -- and his quality of life.

"I fought hard because I was close I could taste it -- I did get back and they didn't expect it," Dickerson said.

He then detailed all of his other injuries -- a long list from the outside, but in all actuality, he suffered just a few -- they just happen to be extensive. 

When suffering these instances, you can disappear Dickerson said. But he was relentless. He wouldn't quit -- the thought never even crossed his mind.

"Not for a second," Dickerson said.

He would talk to people close to him and really get into the mindset and grind of what was needed to be done to come back -- something that wasn't easy to do.

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"I knew once I got my cleats on, the game would condition me the way I needed to be conditioned. That's how I approached this year's spring training."

"I just needed this game that I've been playing since I was five-years-old put me back in shape and just get out there and have fun with it."

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