Giants' Mike Krukow Would Be ‘stunned' If Bruce Bochy Took Padres Job

Despite a year-long retirement tour for Giants manager Bruce Bochy, some are speculating that his storied career in the MLB isn't over just yet.

After the San Diego Padres fired manager Andy Green on Saturday, there were reports that Bochy -- who both played and managed for the Padres before taking over on the Giants bench -- might be interested in the position.

Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow joined KNBR on Tuesday morning and refuted the rumors surrounding Bochy's potential interest.

"The whole set up would be perfect for him, he lives down there, they got a good team, they need a guy like him," Krukow said. "I could give you ten good reasons why."

"But being around this guy since he made the decision in spring, I'm not feeling it. His wife Kim has wanted him to quit for six years."

Bochy's health has been a factor in recent years, as he had several minor heart procedures in 2017 both during and after the season.

"I would be absolutely stunned if he went against his decision, I really really think he needs to step away from the game," Krukow said. "And I think he feels that way."

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Bochy played in San Diego from 1983-87 and took over as Padres manager in 1995. He won 951 games with the organization before leaving to take the Giants job after the 2006 season.

San Francisco will play the final six games of the 2019 season at home, allowing fans a chance to toast the three-time champion Bochy throughout the week.

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