Game #5: Warriors vs. Nuggets


Love watching you play man. But I'm glad it's not tonight!

Warriors (W-L): (1-3)

Nuggets (W-L): (1-2)

Tip-Off: 7:30 PST


Radio: KNBR

Vegas Odds (Source: – Golden State by 3.


Heeeeeeeey. Time to put that messy business in Memphis behind us! It’s time to look to the future! It’s time to look to CHANGE!!!


Hey, it worked for Obama; why not us?!


Well, tonight we’re definitely seeing some change in the face of our opponents. With A.I. shipped off to Detroit, we’ll be facing a very different team than the one that used to pummel us in recent years.


Now I’m not saying the pummeling is going to stop; it just might happen for entirely different reasons now.



Truth be told, we’re probably a bit better off tonight than a Nuggets team stacked with Iverson and Anthony. Amidst the mayhem, Billups was unable to make the trip out to the Bay Area which, unfortunately still leaves us facing Carmelo, and K-Mart.


Man, how this team didn’t make at least the 4 seed in the Western Conference last year is beyond me.


But in true Warriors fashion, I think there’s still hope. ‘Melo traditionally bangs up our soft interior when we step onto the court with him. I’m pretty interested to how Turiaf can affect this. So far he’s been pretty impressive at times on D in the paint. Hopefully Nellie gives him enough time to display some of that muscle tonight. Shutting down ‘Melo scoring at will is going to be a huge key to this game.


Last night we became a new country. Tonight, lets become a new Warriors!





  • ‘Melo stays under 20 points.
  • Double Double for Beans? Yup.
  • Maggette eats Spaghetti. (My bad. I’ve wanted to say that all season.)
  • 3 swats and at least one mean mug from Turiaf.
  • The 10% of the Arena who came to see A.I. leaves in the 1st quarter.
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