Gotham Chopra Details Steph Curry's Competitive Spirit, Commitment

Stephen Curry is widely known as the best shooter of all time, but according to the producer of his latest docu-series, the Warriors star also might be one of the biggest competitors in sports.

Following a March 4 home loss to the Boston Celtics, Curry, according to documentarian Gotham Chopra, went through a full workout and stayed at Oracle Arena until 1 a.m., participating in a half-court shot competition because he couldn't leave the court a loser.

Chopra is the co-creator of the upcoming docu-series, "Stephen vs. The Game," which is due out in the spring. He also was the latest guest on the Warriors Insider Podcast, where he discussed a variety of subjects, including his work with Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, and even Tom Brady's relationship with President Donald Trump.

Of his time working with Bryant on Kobe's "Muse," Chopra describes an intense working relationship during the guard's recovery from a torn Achilles.

"He would send these texts messages at three in the morning and be like, 'Hey, dude you got to come down. I have something to say,' and he would stay up all night," Chopra said.

Bryant had production go from Los Angeles to Newport Beach, even offering to move Chopra there to keep a closer eye on the project.

"We built, essentially, a studio in his office in Newport," Chopra added. "As we got into post-production, Kobe was like, 'Hey, so I want to like have the post process done in Newport.' And he was like, 'We can get you a house in Newport, and I was like, you can get me a house, but you can't get me a family.' "

With James, Chopra described how FOX News anchor Laura Ingraham's "shut up and dribble" comments impacted the production of the docu-series of the same name. Later in the podcast, Chopra touched on Brady's relationship with Trump, which he says has been one-sided since the president's election in 2016. And that isn't by mistake.

"He's been very upfront with me. There was a personal relationship back in the day before he became President Trump," Chopra said. "If you look now, the conversation has been pretty one-sided. Tom gets it, and he grew in the Bay Area and his parents are pretty liberal. He lives in Boston, so Tom, not unlike Steph, I think sort of finding his voice and never really talked publicly about these things, never even thought of them in many ways but was put on blast during this past election."

Curry, according to Chopra, is speaking out with his actions.

"He's got this motto 'teach, don't preach,' " Chopra said. "He's not LeBron in that same way -- like LeBron is very outspoken, and he's out there and there are these principles. ... It's almost like a purposeful communication strategy, in terms of what he's trying to say. Steph is more, passive is probably the wrong word, but he wants to live like his principles, and that's a process.

"You see it more in him being a father and him being a husband," Chopra added. "You can see Steph, he's not just going to put his name on something. Even this project, he's deeply involved and engaged."

You can listen to the entire Warriors Insider Podcast with Chopra in the player above.

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