Gracie Gold's Heart “Melted” by Calif. Teen's Prom Proposal

“You’re gorgeous. My mom says I’m pretty,” he began.

A California teen is hoping he can win Gold with his Olympic prom proposal.

Dyer Pettijohn, a California high school student, made a YouTube video asking Chicago figure skater Gracie Gold to be his date to the prom.

“Watching you skate has made me realize how perfect we are for each other,” the Malibu teen says in the video.

In the video, which had been viewed more than 43,000 times on YouTube by Tuesday afternoon,  Pettijohn offers a list of reasons why he thinks they'd make a great match.

“You’re gorgeous. My mom says I’m pretty,” he began.

“You’re an Olympic athlete. I made varsity,” he said while jogging in a track and field jersey.

Other reasons include the fact that both have blonde hair, are single and live at the beach.

Pettijohn even put it all on the ice, literally, as he comically attempted to show off his skating skills.

“This would be the perfect end to my high school career and make my Olympic dreams come true,” he said. "The Olympic judges got it wrong, you’re the only Gold I see.”

While Pettijohn may not have been so graceful on the ice, whether he stuck the landing on his prom proposal remains to be seen. Gold acknowledged the video in a tweet Monday, but didn't reveal an answer.

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