HBO Again Eying 49ers for Reality TV: Report

Team was rumored to be of interest for "Hard Knocks" last year but they declined.

The headlines were similar a year ago: HBO looking at the 49ers for reality show.

Those stories didn't go too far and quickly both fans and NFL observers alike realized how head coach Jim Harbaugh was going to navigate his ship probably wouldn't make compelling television.

The former NFL quarterback and Stanford head coach has a way of using a lot of words to say very little.

He refuses to disclose player injuries, is adamant about not talking about long term strategy and he simply hates talking about anything personal -- that is so California after all.

On Wednesday reported that HBO is again looking at the 49ers as a possible candidate for its reality television show "Hard Knocks."

The show gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at a team through cameras in the team's locker room and workout facilities.

The show has previously featured the likes of the New York Jets, but Foxsports also reported that Rex Ryan and company are not interested in being on the show again.

The response from the 49ers is likely to be the same as last year.

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