The 14 Most Heartbreaking Super Bowl Moments

The history of the Super Bowl has seen its fair share of shocking upsets, horrendous blunders and lopsided routs.

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The history of the Super Bowl has seen its fair share of shocking upsets, horrendous blunders and lopsided routs, including the Denver Broncos 43-8 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in 2014. Take a look at some of the most heartbreaking Super Bowl moments through the years.
In 2010, the Colts were leading 10-6 at halftime, and were set to receive the ball and expand their lead in the second half but New Orleans "ambushed" them and went on to win, 31-17.
In 2009, Kurt Warner took the Cardinals close to the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. After coming up short, the pain must have been profound.
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The Broncos led 10-9 at halftime, but got left in the dust in the second half. Denver Broncos wide receiver Vance Johnson was less than ecstatic after catching the final, meaningless touchdown.
The Broncos took a 10-0 lead into the second quarter. After that, though, the wheels came off and the Broncos provided Doug Williams a canvas with which to paint his Super Bowl masterpiece. Here Redskins cornerback Barry Wilburn intercepts a pass intended for Broncos wide receiver Ricky Nattiel.
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The Steelers couldn't overcome quarterback Neil O'Donnell's bungles. O'Donnell was picked off by Larry Brown in the third quarter, leading to an Emmitt Smith touchdown that made the score 20-7. The Steelers came back in the 4th, but O'Donnell was picked off again by Brown, denying Pittsburgh their fifth Super Bowl win.
The Packers were actually playing shorthanded. It didn't make a difference, though, because neither of the AFL's representatives could give Vince Lombardi's crew a game. The Packers never trailed in the game and the idea that the upstart league could compete with the NFL was rightfully mocked by most of the country.
You'd hardly know it by looking at the final scores, but the Packers were playing shorthanded again. Again, they didn't trail in the entire game. The real failure here? The AFL.
Usually seen as the first feather in Joe Montana's championship cap, this game should be remembered for all the blown chances by the Bengals in the red zone. Ken Anderson was intercepted at the 49ers 5, Cris Collinsworth fumbled inside the five and the Bengals were stuffed twice on the goal line in the third quarter.
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Kerry Collins could not do a thing against the Ravens' ferocious defense. Completing only 15-of-39 passes and getting intercepted four times is futility on football's biggest stage.
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Triumphant for the Niners, humiliating for the Broncos.The most one-sided Super Bowl in history completed a run of 3 losses in 4 years for John Elway, Dan Reeves and the rest of the Denver team. Elway would find redemption later, perhaps using this heartbreaker as motivation.
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No one expected it to be close, but it was a bigger rout than anyone could have imagined. Patriots starting quarterback Tony Eason didn't complete a pass before being benched. The Pats were held to negative yardage and the Bears set a record with 7 sacks. What makes it worse than the 55-10 Bronco loss? The Patriots actually led the game 3-0!
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Yes, the Giants played a nearly perfect game. Yes, they needed one of the greatest plays in the history of football to win. But this was still a fail for the Patriots. They were 12 point favorites vying for the NFL's first 19-0 season. Cornerback Asante Samuel dropped an easy interception just before Plaxico Burress' winning touchdown.
The greatest upset in NFL history. The Colts were 18 point favorites and the Jets were written off as the best team in an inferior league. Earl Morrall threw 3 interceptions, though, and the Jets used Joe Namath as a decoy. The win did a lot to facilitate the AFL-NFL merger, which would have been harder if the Colts had come through as expected.
The Bills opened up a 12-3 lead early in the game and seemed poised to run away with the Lombardi Trophy. But the Giants came back behind a power running game, controlling the ball for nearly 40 minutes. Scott Norwood had a chance to win the game with a field goal as time expired. You probably remember how that kick turned out.
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