Hunter Pence's Scooter Stolen in San Francisco

Theft of Giant's electric ride has stolen baseball fans' hearts. And attention.

It's Hunter Pence's stolen scooter. But it is now our obsession.

Hours after the San Francisco Giants fan favorite reported his motorized scooter missing, it was found -- all over the Internet, as Pence's stolen ride has become Web gold.

Armed with only a description of the purloined item and the scene of the crime -- the EPIC Roasthouse on The Embarcadero, within walking distance from AT&T Park, where Pence parks the two-wheeled machine in an "out-of-the-way" spot -- Pence took to the Internet, for help and for a bit of solace. 

Major League Baseball fans and players joined in on the search... in a way. The lost scooter has proved ample fodder for jokes and memes of all kinds.

On Monday, Pence told reporters that he has yet to file a police report and, as of now, bears no ill-will toward the restaurant, city -- or even the thief.

"Apparently someone else needed it more than I do," he said -- though he noted whoever has it won't go very far: the charger for the black scooter, emblazoned with Pence's number 8, is "very rare," he said.

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