“I Miss The Stick”: Niners Fans Wilt In Searing August Santa Clara Heat

Some 49ers fans are wishing the team hadn't said goodbye to the Candlestick Park fog in favor of the relentless Santa Clara sunshine.

The initial reaction comes after a fan died from suffering cardiac arrest during Sunday's preseason game, with thousands more in attendance experiencing sunburn, "over-heated cellphones, sweat-drenched jerseys" -- and a pining for the old days, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

"I miss the 'Stick," one fan, Gabe Hernandez of Roseville, told the newspaper.

This wasn't what the 49ers expected when the Levi's Stadium $1.3 billion budget was considered.

Hernandez wasn't alone. Fans told the Mercury News Sunday's heat was "miserable," and "unbearable." Heat problems accounted for "most" of the 60 emergency calls made at the stadium.

Two people went to emergency rooms for heat exposure. One fan, who was seated in section 221, was seen to pour sweat and vomit before falling unconscious. Paramedics performed CPR before the man was pronounced dead.

Heat could have been a factor in the man's death, which was attributed to a "cardiac emergency," the newspaper reported.

49ers officials are now advising fans to prepare for a visit to the stadium the same way they would for a "voyage to the beach," the newspaper reported: sunblock and hat, plenty of water, moderate alcohol, and plenty of breaks to go sit in the shade.

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