Injured and Away From Skeeter, Matt Duffy Finds New Four-legged Companion

Matt Duffy wasn't in San Francisco very long, but he and his oversized cat Skeeter became living legends around these parts.

When the Giants traded Duffy to Tampa Bay last summer, a fan base was crestfallen. Gone was the dynamic duo of Duffy and Skeeter.

A year later, Duffy's time with the Rays has been marred by an Achilles injuries. As for Skeeter, he remained with Duffy's parents.

On Tuesday, Duffy revealed that he has a new companion in Florida.

"Sorry my dog is in my face right now," Duffy said mid-answer during an interview on 95.7 The Game.

Wait. A dog?

"I got a dog," Duffy admitted. "She's awesome. She's got a funny personality. She's trying to play with me right now. I got her a few months ago, rescued her from a shelter here in [St. Petersburg, Florida]. She just wants to lick everybody's face and play. A really happy dog."

What's her name?

"Dakota," Duffy said.

What's her breed?

"Black mouth cur," Duffy said. "She's just a couch potato. She's hilarious, but she definitely likes attention."

So, are Dakota and Skeeter friends?

"They actually haven't met yet. They will one day. I'm assuming she'll be scared of Skeeter and he'll probably try to swat at her. But maybe with time, they'll grow to like each other," Duffy said.

When asked which one was bigger, Duffy revealed some interesting details about Skeeter.

"The dog. Skeeter is getting old. He's probably 16, 17 years old. He's in his old man weight phase now. He's losing his weight and starting to look like a normal cat just with some extra skin," Duffy said.

As for Duffy, he has yet to play for the Rays this season due to another surgery on his Achilles to remove a small bone chip. He's targeting an early-August return.

"That's a possibility. I want to stay realistic. I think that's potentially a little optimistic," Duffy said.

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