Jalen Ramsey Could Do Great Things for Raiders, Chris Simms Believes

All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey in Silver and Black?

A blockbuster trade with the Jaguars would certainly help Oakland's secondary, and the Raiders reportedly are one of several teams that have made "substantive inquiries" about acquiring Ramsey from Jacksonville.

Ramsey is slated to play in the Jaguars' game against the Titans on Thursday night, so a trade clearly isn't imminent.

But NBC Sports NFL analyst Chris Simms believes the No. 5 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft would be a perfect fit for the Raiders and explained why.

"I would love to see Jalen Ramsey with the Oakland Raiders," Simms said to NBC Sports Bay Area this week. "They could use that type of player. He's a difference-maker on that side of the ball, and I don't know if the Raiders defense right now has that difference-maker. There are some young guys that have the potential to be that down the road."

Simms called Ramsey the unquestioned best cornerback in the NFL, and said he's exactly what the Raiders need in the AFC West.

"He has the size and physicality to man up against Travis Kelce or a Michael Thomas-type guy, a big receiver who is physical," Simms said. "He can do that. He's covered Tyreek Hill as good as anybody I've seen the last two years. You're in the AFC West and you see Tyreek Hill twice a year. He can get on an island with Tyreek Hill and your defensive coordinator can go 'You know what? I'm good with that matchup. Let me figure out other ways to stop the rest of this Kansas City offense.'"

The Raiders just moved on from the Antonio Brown saga, and while Ramsey comes with his own drama, Simms doesn't see the cornerback causing the same problems that Brown did.

"[Ramsey's] a transcendent player and I think he can do a lot of great things for the Raiders," Simms said. "Plus, he's got that Raiders personality. He's not Antonio Brown. Let's not put them in the same box. Antonio Brown is ... I don't even know what to say ... a total loose cannon right now and it's amazing he's getting away with some of the things he's getting away with."

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If the Raiders want Ramsey, they likely will have to part with one of their two 2020 first-round picks, and if Simms were general manager in Oakland, he'd trade for Ramsey today.

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