JaMarcus “Can't Wait” to See Vick Comeback

From ex-con to the Raiders?

Anyone interested in the chipperest, most flippant assessment of the Michael Vick situation need look no further than Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell. That guy sounds more excited to see Vick re-enter the NFL than Vick's agents, publicists, and creditors put together.

"I can't wait to see him again," Russell told Cam Inman of the Contra Costa Times "It was a good time to sit down and get his body healed. He's in tip-top shape and somebody will give him a chance."

Russell further elaborated to the San Francisco Chronicle, "I look forward to seeing him out there real soon."

Translation: "My salary is $11 million this season, and we just signed Jeff Garcia. So if someone brings him in to compete for a quarterback spot this season, it probably won't be us." 

Nonetheless, there remains plenty of Internet speculation that it will, in fact, be the Raiders to bring the ex-con QB onboard. It's almost as if the collective pro football media have an innate philosophical knee-jerk reaction tendency that anyone with a substantial criminal record needs to play for the Raiders. Fair enough.

And yes, Vegas is giving odds on where Vick will end up. And yes, the Raiders are given extremely strong odds of being the team to acquire Vick.

What people tend to forget is that Vick is still looking likely at a substantial suspension, and may not even be reinstated this season. But if he is, don't be surprised if JaMarcus Russell starts sporting the pro-Michael Vick undergarments and face paint.

Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who is more looking forward to seeing Michael Vick working a construction job than playing football again.

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