Janelle Wang's Sochi Blog: Closet Pin Collector

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No, I’m not talking about the website.  I’m talking about my new obsession with pins!

There are a lot of them at these Olympic games in Sochi. In fact, they’re popular at all the Olympic games.

People collect them, hundreds of them, and then trade, barter, and bribe for pins they really want. My boss gave me a bag of NBC Bay Area Olympic pins before I left for Sochi, and I thought, "what I am going to do with all these?"

These pins are basically like souvenirs. For example, NBC News has some fancy pins. One that looks like a snow globe. Another has some colorful rotating figures. I saw a Samsung pin with a teddy bear on it. Journalists from other countries, covering the games, have their own pins. You can also get pins from past Olympic games. I managed to score ones from the Atlanta and Barcelona games. I whipped out some more NBC Bay area pins.

VIDEO: Janelle Shows You Her View of the Venues

Once you collect a bunch, you pin them to your lanyard. Then, wear it around your neck and walk around like you’re the coolest kid in school. Yup, that became me today. It was dragging down my neck, but hey, I am cool.

Then, people starting asking about my pins, possibly wanting one. I’m like, "I just spent the afternoon, earning these pins, I can’t trade them away! No way!" So, I took all my pins off my lanyard and hid them in my purse. I’m going to remain a closet pin collector for now, until I get this pin-trading system down.

If you want to see how my obsession with pin-trading started, tune in to NBC Bay Area News at 11 p.m.

(It happened after I met a Los Angeles father and son in Olympic Village. They have more than 100,000 pins!)

VIDEO: Janelle Soaks in the Opening Ceremony Fireworks Show

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