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Jeremy Lin Pranks Visitors to Madame Tussauds in San Francisco

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin decided to have a little fun with visitors to Madame Tussauds in San Francisco, after having his likeness turned into a wax statue.

In a YouTube video posted by the wax museum on Tuesday, Lin, a Palo Alto native, is seen shocking fans and family members who stopped by to take a picture with what they thought was a wax figure of him. The event took place on Aug. 14.

Dressed in his yellow No. 17 uniform, the 25-year-old Lin is seen sitting quietly on a red chair, motionless until visitors poke and touch him - thinking the figure is made of wax.

Then, the athelete jumps out of his seat and dunks the ball in a nearby hoop, causing gasps and shocks from the crowd.

He even surprised his mom before taking a picture with her and the real wax figure.

No surprise, Lin likes to dunk - and play silly pranks - no matter what the occasion.

Watch this Instagram video Lin posted in August of him surprising three people, including his mom with a dunk in the kitchen.
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