Jerry Rice Goes Hollywood Again

Former NFL great to guest star on CBS show

Apparently "Dancing With the Stars" and "Sports Sunday" was not enough for former 49ers great Jerry Rice.

The former NFL wide out will appear on CBS's "Rules of Engagement" on Monday March 30 at 9:30 p.m. as a guest actor. Rice will appear along side comedian, of sorts, David Spade in an episode that centers on a lie that quickly snowballs into a big complicated mess.

Audrey, played by Megyn Price and Jeff, played by Patrick Warburton, bail on a dinner date with former San Jose Earthquakes star Landon Donovon's actress wife Bianca Kajlich and her date to attend a celebrity packed party hosted by guest star and comedian Orlando Jones.

Spade's character gets in trouble at the party when he tries to pick up Rice's date for the evening.

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