Joe Montana Invests in Bay Area Startups

The new face of Silicon Valley tech investment is a familiar one.

He's among the most famous athletes in Bay Area history. Now Joe Montana is setting his sights on technology.

The legendary 49er is famous for making the right choices under pressure, perfect for a quarterback. Now he wants a new challenge.

As an investor, he’s set his sights on the tech industry.

“When I was playing, I just kind of put everything aside and just focused on football,” Montana said Wednesday. “Probably it was the wrong thing to do, because I probably missed a lot of opportunities."

Among those missed opportunities: investing in tech companies. Now he’s joining the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Jada Pinkett Smith, who are putting their money where the future is.

He says one of the ways he can help the company he invests in is by “getting the word out a little more.”

Wednesday, he was getting the word out about San Francisco's BloomThat, a startup that delivers flowers fast, one of several tech investments he's making.

And the former QB has a strategy.

"Narrowing it down is the hardest part,” Montana said. “One of the things that you do is, you go with the ideas you like, you go with people that you like.”

Montana is known for coming through in the clutch. Now he's got investors and employees hoping he's got more success up his sleeve.

One thing Montana knows for sure: at least one product is already paying off, flowers.

“I’m in good now when I go home,” he said.

Montana is also investing in a plan to put restaurants and a hotel near Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara.

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