Report: Joe Torre Calls Sabean on Cousins Comments

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On Thursday, Brian Sabean said some things about Scott Cousins that were pretty aggressive.

He called Cousins hit on Buster Posey "malicious," and he said the Giants wouldn't be too upset if Cousins "never plays another game in the big leagues."

As I said, the comments were quite spicy and they drew plenty of media attention. They also apparently drew the attention of Major League Baseball, who isn't likely happy about what Sabean said.

In fact, it sounds like Sabean might be getting a call from Joe Torre, in his role with the league, in the very near future.

"Source: Joe Torre, who oversees on-field operations for MLB, will call Brian Sabean regarding comments made about the Marlins' Scott Cousins," Buster Olney of ESPN tweeted.

Now, it's possible that Torre might say "You're fined $100,000, Brian."

Or it's possible that he might ask for an apology.

But it's also possible that Torre calls Sabean and tells him he'll work on fixing the rule as long as Sabean makes these things right (to borrow a mafia-like term) and insists that people not lob death threats at Cousins.

After all, Sabean also confirmed in his rant on Cousins that Bruce Bochy had spoken with Torre.

"Until it happens to you and it hits home maybe it's not as real as what we're going through," Sabean said about the injury, per Comcast Bay Area. "I know that Boch talked to Joe Torre today and it least he's going to take some things under advisement and see what they can come up with.

"I don't know what the results will be."

Whatever they are, they probably won't be the same as the Torre call to Sabean, at least in the sense that it's all but guaranteed the Giants' GM is going to be in a little bit of trouble.

Of course, it's worth remembering that no amount of Joe Torre phone calls or Brian Sabean apologies are going to make Buster Posey walk back through that door with a healthy ankle in 2011, either.

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