Judge Orders Bonds’ Trainer Back to Jail

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How good of a friend does Barry Bonds have in Greg Anderson? Good enough to go back to jail for him again.

A federal judge has ordered the former Giants' slugger's former trainer jailed later this month unless he changes his mind about testifying against the slugger.

Bonds pleaded not guilty to revised perjury charges on Tuesday before Anderson was called into court. Anderson told the judge under oath that he has no intentions of testifying.

U.S. District Judge Susan Illston told Greg Anderson Tuesday that he would be jailed on contempt of court charges for the duration of Bonds' perjury trial if he refuses to take the witness stand when called. The March 21 trial is expected to last two to four weeks.

Anderson has previously spent more than a year in prison on contempt charges after refusing to testify before the grand jury investigating Bonds.

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