San Francisco 49ers

Just How Bad is Attendance at 49ers Games? Team Says Photos of Empty Stand Are Misleading

The 49ers will try to break their losing streak when they take on the New York Giants this Sunday.

You’ve probably noticed how empty Levi’s Stadium has appeared during recent games. It got us thinking: just how bad is attendance?

The San Francisco 49ers say attendance is not as low as you might think. The organization said that 55,000 people attended last Sunday’s game against the Cardinals. That’s about an 85% attendance rate when you consider that there are 65,000 sellable tickets per game. The 49ers believe the shots of the empty stands are misleading given that a number of fans pay to enjoy the game from six of the internal club areas.

You don’t have to pay much to see the 49ers play in person. For example, on StubHub: you can get nosebleeds to this Sunday’s game against the giants for about $19. Club seats near the 50-yard line run around $220.

The 49ers are winless at 0-9. The Giants record isn’t much better at 1 and 7.

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