Kevin Frandsen Suspended 50 Games for Ritalin

Kevin Frandsen might be more famous for being a Giants fan than a Giants player. And that was something that endeared him to the people who filled AT&T Park, even long after he ended up playing for the Philadelphia Phillies' Triple-A Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

So it's pretty sad news to hear that he was suspended 50 games after testing positive during a minor league drug test.

Frandsen apparently tested positive for "Ritalinic Acid," which is more likely known as "Ritalin" or "ADD medicine," depending on who you're talking to.

It could also be known as "greenies" if you're speaking with someone who's as old-school as the early 2000's, back before baseball banned players from taking speed.

Ritalin is legal with a prescription, but clearly Frandsen doesn't have one of those, or else he wouldn't have been suspended.

Frandsen, who was traded from the Giants to the Red Sox before the 2010 season, was a 12th round pick in the 2004 MLB Draft and has bounced around a variety of farm systems before landing with Philadelphia prior to this year.

He's perhaps most famous in San Francisco for being given the No. 19 by pitching coach Dave Righetti after his brother, D.J., died from a Wilms tumor at the age of 19. (D.J.'s favorite player was also Righetti.)

Unfortunately, this news may change that for many baseball fans.

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