Kevin Durant Says He Forgives Raptors Fans, But Warriors Fans Are Better

"Y'all would have been so shook."

Kevin Durant knows what he left behind with the Warriors.

"Yeah man, it was fun," Durant said in an interview on Serge Ibaka's show, "How Hungry Are You?" 

The ten-time All-Star went on to compliment how unstoppable the team's offense was along with the defense that he spent two seasons with. But the major admiration went toward the fans.

"And we played in front of the best fans in the league at that point," Durant said. "Better than Toronto fans."

Ibaka, who has spent the past three seasons with the Raptors, disagreed.

"Put some respect on them," Ibaka told Durant. 

Durant agreed, but his experience was a unique one with Dubs fans.

"But the fans, though, that's different," Durant explained. "I respect the fans, but the Warriors fans are better."

Durant did say he forgives the Raptors fans for appearing to cheer as he hit the floor with an Achilles injury, but there was no contest on who he was loyal to.

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You can watch the entire wide-ranging interview here

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