Khris Davis' Bargain A's Contract Gets Noticed by NFL Writer Peter King

You know you're making an impact on the sports world when someone who covers another sport for a living is singing your praise.

What or who could I possibly be talking about? Well, for starters -- Khris Davis, obviously. And he's getting some props from NBC Sports' Peter King.

Yes, the football guy has quite a few nice things to say about Khrush.

"Is there a better value player in baseball than Khris Davis of the A's," King asks in his latest '10 Things I Think I Think' article. "Home runs since Opening Day 2016, before Sunday's games: Davis 142, Giancarlo Stanton 124, Mike Trout 106, Bryce Harper 91. Over those four seasons, Davis will make $32.5 million, Stanton $74.5 million. (Harper is $51.9 million and Trout $106.9 million); I used the Davis/Stanton salary comparison because they're pure home run hitters. Pro-rated, Davis is averaging 42 homers a year, and already has 10 this year-in mid-April."

Davis will be a free agent after this season, which is scary to think for A's fans who have grown accustomed to seeing him smack balls over the fence. He's said multiple times he wants to stay in Oakland. Knowing that, and knowing how much the A's are willing to spend or -- ahem, not willing to spend -- goes to show just how valuable he is.

But for now, the numbers don't lie: The A's are getting a ton of bang for their buck.

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King also complimented Jose Altuve in his writeup, calling him "ridiculously good," which is also accurate. So even though we are used to associating King with football, he knows a good baseball player when he sees one.

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