Kimberly Bell Spares No Graphic Detail

Bonds' mistress gives graphic testimony

One of the star witnesses in the Barry Bonds perjury trial took the stand Monday morning and gave very graphic and very intimate testimony about what she claims were physical changes in the former Giants slugger during their nine year relationship.

Kimberly Bell dated Bonds from 1994 to 2003, which is before and during the time Bonds allegedly used steroids.

Among the things Bell said on the stand:

  • She noticed changes in Bonds' testicles - specifically in their size and shape.
  • She said Bonds had trouble maintaining an erection, adding that had not happened prior.
  • She said he became increasingly aggressive, irritable and violent.
  • She said Bonds would tell her, "He'd cut my head off and leave it in a ditch."
  • She said Bonds would tell her, "He'd cut my breast implants off because he paid for them."
  • She also said he had back acne, became physically bigger and started to lose his hair.
  • She said Bonds blamed an elbow injury on steroids use
  • She said Bonds told her other players were using steroids

Bonds lawyers tried to prove that Bell's accusations were motivated by money during their cross examination.  They said she was offered $100,000 for a tell-all article and photo layout in Playboy. Bell was also asked about an email she sent to Bonds' website in April 2004 where she listed all the women he was sleeping with. "This is the guy who you described as having penile dysfunction,'' Bonds attorney Cristina Arguedas asked. Adding, "That's a lot of action." The Associated Press noted that Bonds covered his mouth during that exchange as if to suppress a grin.

"If the jury believes her, which is always a big if in this type of case, the prosecution will be taking a major step towards proving their case,'' University of San Francisco law school professor Bob Talbot told AP.

Bonds is accused of four counts of making false statements and one count of obstruction of justice for telling a federal grand jury that he never knowingly took performance-enhancing drugs. 

Longtime Giants clubhouse manager Mike Murphy also testified Monday morning. Murph was asked about Bonds' hat size, which Murph confirmed increased over time. Murph said it happened to other players too, but normally after they retired.

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