Kings' Kyle Guy Uses Tattoos as Reinforcement of Devotion to His Faith

It's become commonplace for athletes across professional sports to use tattoos to tell their own story and showcase their unique identity.

There is no arena where these tattoos are more on display than in the NBA, where uniforms leave plenty of space for players to show off their own ink on the court.

Some only have one or two, others don't like to leave a lot of space unoccupied.

"I can count, but I don't know man, a lot," Kings forward DeWayne Dedmon said on "Tat Tales" when asked how many tattoos the 30-year-old has.

Rookie guard Kyle Guy meanwhile, packs a lot of personal significance, especially regarding his faith, into each image permanently emblazoned onto his skin.

"I got three crosses here," Guy said. "I have the Hawaiian islands here, that's where I got married."

"I am third, so God, then family, then me."

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Dedmon does have a very important spot on the canvas reserved for family.

"Right here on my chest, it's like a heart, for my moms," Dedmon said.

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