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Watch Klay Thompson Amusingly Get Hypnotized, Ask for Video Evidence

Klay amusingly demands video evidence after getting hypnotized originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Typically it's Klay Thompson hypnotizing fans with his superb shooting and incredible off-the-ball movement. Now, it's Thompson's turn to get hypnotized.

After a recent event at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, the Warriors star was told to close his eyes and to imagine that his wrists were tied up by invisible strings that led up all the way into the sky.

Despite Thompson having his eyes closed and head down, Johnny Wu, a magician, was able to manipulate the four-time champion's arms with ease.

"Don't open your eyes because some crazy things are already happening," Wu said, to the crowd's delight.

Thompson, with his still eyes closed and head down, smiled slightly and shook his head. 

After opening his eyes, Thompson was asked by Wu if he felt anything touching him or any "strings."

"Yup, I felt something," Thompson responded.

Wu then said that he never touched Thompson at all, though Thompson didn't believe Wu. 

"I gotta check the video evidence," Thompson concluded as the crowd laughed.

Seeing Thompson doing something fun at Dodger Stadium shouldn't be a surprise after he chugged beers and counted how many championships he has to fans during a recent Dodgers-Giants game. Thompson's brother, Trayce, is an outfielder for the Dodgers as well.

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However, with the 2022-23 NBA season set to kick off in a few months, expect Thompson to go back to his hypnotizing ways on the court soon. 

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