Klay Thompson Reveals Very Unique Gameday Routine: ‘It Sucks at First'

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Klay Thompson is a unique individual. And on Friday evening, we learned something about the four-time All-Star that only adds to his legend.

Klay -- presumably from the Warriors' team hotel in Detroit -- participated in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit.

Here was one of the questions: "Klay, do you have any unique game day rituals? A certain type of food you must eat for breakfast that day, or a precise schedule that you follow to the tee?"

Klay's answer: "Uh not really, it's pretty routine. The one thing I always have to do that I don't truly enjoy until it's done. I get my pool as cold as possible, and before I do anything in the morning I try and roll out of bed and jump in the pool, just to jump start and wake me up. Get me alive and well to start the day. I started doing that about a year ago and it works so well for me that I still do it. It sucks at first, because being cold isn't fun, but afterwards you feel great. I can't do cold showers though, cold water? A plunge? For sure."

Other than professional and/or avid swimmers, you think there is anybody else on Earth who does this? 

We could have tried a "Splash Brother" joke here, but we'll refrain.

Never change, Klay. Never change.  

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