Report: LAPD Arrest Two More in Stow Attack

The Los Angeles Police Department arrested two men suspected of beating Giants fan Bryan Stow at the Opening-Day game at Dodger Stadium, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times.

Per Jack Leonard and Joel Rubin, the two men were taken into custody on Thursday.

Additionally, the LAPD has reportedly cleared Giovanni Ramirez -- the suspect originally arrested for the attack -- of any wrongdoing in the case.

His attorney, Anthony Brooklier, had not yet heard about the newest arrests.

“I haven’t heard anything [about the new arrests] yet,” said Brooklier. “But if it’s true I’m happy for my client. I always believed he was factually innocent. There was a lot of pressure on LAPD. I believe that they were operating in good faith and made a good faith mistake.”

If this report is accurate, it's fantastic news on two fronts. First, it appears the LAPD is making legitimate progress in catching the men who went after Stow on Opening Day.

And secondly, it means that an innocent man will be cleared of a crime he didn't commit.

When reached for comment, the LAPD could not confirm the arrest.

Officer Rosario Herrera told the NBC that the Stow investigation continues and that as details become available they will make them public.

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