LeBron James Responds to Draymond Green Trolling Cavaliers with ‘Quickie’ Shirt at Warriors Parade

Twitter is all about #DubNation today, as expected.

But even as #WarriorParade tops the hashtag list on social media, an Instagram post from LeBron James is stirring things up.

And, yes, Draymond Green is in the middle of it.

First, a little background.

Last year, during the Cleveland parade to celebrate the Cavs’ title, James had a shirt reading “Ultimate Warrior.”

A slap to Warriors fans, reminding us who won the title. Yes, we got it. And, apparently, Green was waiting all year for this.

Draymond’s T-shirt during the Warriors Parade read “Quickie.”

This is, no doubt, a play on Quicken Loans, the company sponsoring the arena where the Cavs play.

But it doesn’t stop there.

LeBron James himself takes a photo of Green in his shirt, and posts it onto his Instagram page…with the comment, “That’s what she said, HUH?!?!?” – King James even added emojis.

The comments? “Savage,” etc.

Draymond's response? A photo posted on his Instagram account of a now-bald LeBron claiming "Them dubs finally made him go bald!!!"

Scott follows tech, and hoops, on Twitter: @scottbudman

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