”LeBroning” Videos Inspired by Miami Heat Star LeBron James Go Viral

Move over, Tim Tebow. The popularity of imitating the football star with a "Tebowing" move has been trumped by a LeBron James-inspired fad called “LeBroning."

As described on ProBasketballTalk.com, "LeBroning" means to flop or fall down hard after another person makes minor contact with you.

Flopping happens in nearly every NBA game and with many players, but James is particularly well known for the skill. YouTube videos have been posted showing the Miami Heat star falling hard after what appears to be minor to no contact. 

Sometimes the referees call him on the behavior, other times they don’t. It’s just one more skill in his repertoire that he uses to help win games.

There are many "LeBroning" videos available by searching the hashtag #LeBroning on the mobile app Vine. For a quick look at a good number of them, watch a compilation video posted above.

Besides Tebow and James, there have been other similar fads in recent years. "Dufnering," for example, famously mocked golfer Jason Dufner after was caught looking bored during a classroom visit. There’s also been "Kaepernicking," which is kissing a flexed bicep a la San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

While player-inspired memes come and go pretty quickly, "Tebowing" remained popular for some time. The James name could help "LeBroning" rival that trend.

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