Levi's Stadium Menu to Feature Lamb Curry, Garlic Fries

Levi's Stadium opened its kitchen doors for the first time Wednesday to demonstrate what 49ers fans can expect.

Almost everything associated with the team’s new home will be cutting-edge, unique and, yes, expensive. The food will be no exception.

While they will have the standard burgers and hot dogs, they'll also have the kind of higher-end cuisine Bay Area sports fans have gotten used to. With lamb curry and freshly cut jack fruit, it's as if Willy Wonka decided to get into the catering business and opened up shop inside Levi's Stadium.

During games, 2,600 workers will prepare meals. They expect to sell 10,000 burgers, 7,000 hot dogs and a ton of garlic fries every Sunday.

"We're in the Bay Area. Garlic fries have a huge following,” executive chef Ryan Stone said. “So we put them everywhere."

For the most part, this isn't the ballpark food we grew up eating, but Bay Area football fans have already shown that they'll pay a premium.

From the fully stocked tap room to a dessert bar and all sorts of salads, think of it as Stadium Food 2.0.

“We still have all these things," executive sous chef Dinari Brown said, “but the discerning diners in the Bay Area deserve a little bit more, right?"

They admit things will cost more, but no prices have been revealed yet for meals. Levi's Stadium will roll out its official menu when it's open for business on Aug. 2. Officials insist prices will be “competitive.”

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