Mark Cuban: NFL's “Hoggy” TV Strategy Will Backfire

Mark Cuban is a man of many endeavors and never one to keep his thoughts private.

The Dallas Mavericks owner/entrepreneur/TV show host/Internet mogul is always on top of the latest business trends and his projection for the future of the country's most popular, powerful sport isn't a good one.

Cuban said he believes the NFL will implode within the next 10 years due to oversaturation, among other things, as the league has pondered having games on just about every day of the week.

“When pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered,” Cuban told reporters, according to The Dallas Morning News. “And they’re getting hoggy. When you try to take it too far, people turn the other way. I’m just telling you, when you got a good thing and you get greedy, it always, always, always, always, always turns against you.”

The NFL traditionally was always on Sunday with one Monday primetime game until the league expanded into Thursday night's slot. Now, the league is tinkering with Saturday regular-season games and has even tossed around the idea of trying to have a Wednesday night game. So Tuesdays and Fridays will be the only days off when it comes to NFL games.

Cuban said he acknowledges the fact that fantasy football players and bettors will always give the NFL ratings but he's not sure about the casual fan.

“They’re trying to take over every night of TV,” he said. “And initially, it’ll be the biggest rating thing there is. Then, if they get Saturday, now they’re impacting college. And then if they go to Wednesday, at some point, people get sick of it.”

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